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Nilai International School Malaysia

Nilai International School‘s Mission is to build an all-rounder academic performer with strong academic record, an extensive co-curricular curriculum, and an enduring civic engagement. Additionally, it provides the benefit of technology to enhance learning. Our goal is to have 100% university admission. For this reason, we will continuously strive to enhance the quality of our curriculum, facilities as well as student experiences. We aim to create students with excellent performance and extraordinary behavior. Our goal is to develop the school’s social responsibility culture.

Nilai International School

It is located in the vicinity of close to the Multimedia Super Corridor, Nilai International School Malaysia is 15 minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Students have access to Nilai International School via the KLIA Sepang Elite Highway as well as the North-South Expressway. In addition to the excellent school’s academic results, students can also expect a well-rounded education.

As a member of the UK’s highly regarded Boarding Schools’ Association Nilai International School Malaysia offers top-notch education and British certifications. If you have the Cambridge International School diploma, your child will receive a rigorous education that prepares students for further studies. Students learn about global issues and learn to appreciate the diversity of our planet. Nilai believes in the concept of global citizenship and is committed to this. Here are a few reasons to take action and the benefits that you’ll reap.

Nilai International School Malaysia offers a top-quality education and a rich cultural heritage. Staff in Nilai have a genuine and caring attitude, committed in providing students with the highest quality education they can get. They utilize academic tools and technology that has been proven to help students succeed. Nilai International School Malaysia offers English National Curriculum as well as the Cambridge International Curriculum programs. They also offer students in Bahasa Malaysian as well as Mandarin along with Islamic Studies.

The Epsom College is another independent institution that provides international education in Malaysia. This institution is based in Petaling Jaya and is a member of the Council of British International Schools. Founded in 1946, the school has developed into an academic institution that has more than 50 nationalities. Graduates of the school are bilingual or trilingual. The school has two campuses in Petaling Jaya and employs 80 percent of its teaching staff from abroad.

Heritage International School

Heritage International School’s mission is to foster a culture of acceptance and respect and help students be citizens of the world. The school strives to offer an all-encompassing education for children and develops a clear belief in personal responsibility and the ability to achieve. It also encourages the creation of moral and ethical values , which are essential of a world-view. Heritage International School offers a array of educational options that will allow students to succeed in schools.

Heritage International School focuses on the overall development of each student, developing an active, social, and emotional harmony. Students develop into responsible citizens of society and make a commitment to the values that promote self-esteem, integrity and self-confidence. This nurturing environment helps students be leaders who are able to improve their communities. This makes them better prepared to meet the challenges of the future. Heritage International School is where they start their journey to education. They continue on with classes and activities that are extracurricular and academic.

Heritage International School was founded in 1994 by missionaries. The school has a particular emphasis on multi-culturalism. The school offers an international Primary Curriculum as well as several academic programs from Advanced Placement up to the American High School Diploma. It is a well-respected institution in the community, and has got very good feedback from the students. The school is recognized by The Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges as well as the Association of Christian Schools International.

Vikas International School

Vikas International School is a co-educational school that offers classes from kindergarten through tenth grade is part of Vikas International School. The school was started with the help of Dr. S. Gunasekaran in 1996 and offers a great learning experience to all students. The school maintains a low teacher-student ratio that allows teachers to monitor individual learning. Students are encouraged in extracurricular activities like the arts, public speaking as well as creative writing.

The VIS community is made up of a community of members working together to create international awareness and interconnection. They are directed by the Principal, Vice Director, and Coordinators. Beyond academics, the school puts emphasis on the value of cocurricular programs as well as a wide range of culture experiences. VIS provides different music and dance studios and a hostel and a clinic. In addition to encouraging an international view among its students, VIS is also adamant about the value of extracurricular pursuits such as art, sport, Taekwondo, and art.

EtonHouse International Pre-School Melaka

The EtonHouse international preschool Melak campus is located within Melaka, Malaysia. It is a real international learning experience. It is designed to stimulate children academically, mentally emotionally, and physically. The school’s curriculum is based upon international best practices, and aims to develop all children. Any nationality of children can enroll at the school, from 18 months old to six years.

Founded in 2016, EtonHouse was established in 2016, and is now an International Preschool. Melakak is a renowned international preschool for children from the age of three to 18. The school offers boarding and various academic courses based on the internationally acclaimed international Primary Curriculum. Secondary school prepares students for IGCSE/GCSE tests. The IBDP exam is also provided for students.

Charterhouse International School

Students who apply to Charterhouse International School Malaysia must exhibit high academic success in addition to a commitment to the development of their own lives and serving others, and leadership in the school. Charterhouse’s personality characteristics of empathy, creativity and leadership must be displayed. Below are the requirements Charterhouse examines for potential students. The Charterhouse school is a fantastic alternative for students looking for a world-class education. Students can prepare for the Cambridge International A level examination by completing the school’s academic curriculum.

Established by a small group of British educational professionals from the UK, Charterhouse International School Malaysia has a 400-year tradition of excellence and service. The school has a strong commitment to enhancing students’ abilities and their character. It also cultivates a sense of belonging to the community around it. Charterhouse Malaysia aims to provide multiple educational opportunities for its students while giving back to the wider community. Charterhouse Malaysia hopes to establish the foundations of Malaysia’s education system and prepare the leaders of the to come.

Charterhouse Malaysia is the Carthusian first school established in Malaysia and provides a full learning experience to its students. The staff is experienced in teaching A-level subjects as well as providing advice on career development and guidance for universities. The school has sport as well as community outreach programs. Charterhouse Malaysia has high academic expectations. The students must be able be able to pass the national and international examinations. The students must not just be excellent academically, but demonstrate a sense of accountability and dedication.

Greenview Islamic International School

In Petaling Jaya, Greenview Islamic International School Malaysia is an unique combination of Islamic tradition and modern education. The teachers focus on encouraging the development of a mindset, and also promote values-based learning. With their positive teaching methods and values, Greenview Islamic School encourages students to build a confidence in themselves and to be accountable. They give their students the opportunity to explore their interests as well as enhance their critical thinking skills.

The school has classes available for both primary and secondary levels. In the Bangi campus, Bangi branch is based in a tiny mall in contrast, the Shah Alam branch is located within a separate facility. Greenview’s name might not be correct, but it’s primarily Malay. Greenview actually has students who are Malay. Many Malay-Muslim families from Malaysia appreciate it since they’re worried about the harmful effects of the internet.

Greenview Islamic International School provides an English-language curriculum as well as an Islamic base. Students attending Greenview have an international education with the local context. The academic curriculum of the school is specifically designed to help students prepare to meet the demands of the future. The school is a certified Cambridge centerthat ensures students acquire English as their first language, while balancing international as well as Malaysian circumstances. It ensures that students receive an extensive education, as well as a solid base in Islamic teachings.

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